Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas spaghetti dinner with the elders. Boy, can they eat!!
the Mbale home
The greeting that we received when we first drove up to the gate of our new abode. There were the four Mbale missionaries sitting on the wall to welcome us.
A typical scene on the roadways of how people are transported from place to place. They have to really hold on for dear life when going over the potholed roads.


Vickers said...

What a handsome couple with all those young elders. Looks like the next 1.5 years will be wonderful and full of adventure. Your house looks great, too.

Cara said...

Maybe they should serve PB instead of sphaghetti for dinner, then they will see that Elder Rix can EAT, too!

FRYBABY said...

I think Mom is thankful to know that you are not living in a tin shack:) Wouldn't that be great if Parker ended up in Uganda with you guys!!!