Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amazing African Animals

The African animals have a majesty all their own. We love dogs, cats and horses, etc., but are really fascinated with the fantastic animals we find here. The Creator had to be so meticulous in making each one so they could survive their circumstances and particular features. For instance, the giraffe has to have a big heart to be able to pump blood all the way up to the brain and when the giraffe leans over to drink water the blood vessels have valves stategically place to prevent the rush of blood to the brain causing stroke or death and they can see for 3 kilometers. Zebras are striped to confuse their predetors and have a keen sense of hearing, rhino's have a great sense of smell and the crocodile can shunt blood away from an injury. So many amazing details we have learn while here.

Monday, July 14, 2008

July 4th Celebration, Swazi style

These six American's joined more than a hundred more in Swaziland to enjoy a special 4th of July celebration. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, potatoe salad, volleyball and softball, live music and fireworks. It was so wonderful because the fun was right next to our hotel!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lesotho NRT

We spent ten days in Lesotho preparing for and then conducting the Neonatal Resuscitation Training course with the visiting medical specialist and his wife. It was so cold there that we all had to wear our jackets inside each day. One hundred and seventy midwives and doctors were trained over the four days and they were all excited to go back and train their colleagues throughout the country. So many of them work where they have no electricity or any medical equipment. Each hospital and clinic was given bags and masks and other equipment that they can use to save babies' lives. It was a great experience and tomorrow we will be going to Swaziland to do the same training.