Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Getting out

Tuesday evening we went to the Organic Market
with Elder and Sister J and Elder and Sister K.
We checked out the wares at each open booth, ate a meal and enjoyed good conversation while a live band played, "West Virginia, Country Roads".
Elder J is our Public Affairs person for all of the Africa Southeast Area. When he was inviting numerous leaders of other churches to a big media event in October, one person asked if our church was the "one with all the spies". Elder J said, "No we don't have any spies in our church". The person then said, "I said Spires son, not spies!" (Add a little southern accent.) He was referring to the spires on the temple by the area office. We all had a good laugh about that.
However, in this picture of Elder J people might think that there are spies in the church!!

Christmas time in South Africa

Christmas has a very different feel about it here in
South Africa. Instead of snow and freezing temperatures we have fantastic thunder and lightening storms with heavy rains. The country is now beautifully green everywhere. The people have braais (barbeques) for their family gatherings.

We haven't ventured out to the big malls to see the frantic shoppers since we aren't into that this year. We enjoyed a two hour Christmas program with many family groups singing songs of the Savior's birth last Sunday night. Cute children and attentive parents all. Makes us miss our family more.

This Christmas tree stands in the reception room in the Area Presidents office and residence. The Christmas tree in our apartment is much smaller and has tipped over three times with the wind so each time we have put the dislodged ornaments is getting a little bear now!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hospital Project

On Monday, Dec. 10th we had a small ceremony to hand over the 1200 newborn kits, 1000 patient gowns and 485 bed sheets for the maternity wards of Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto. After the official hand-over we were escorted around the maternity and newborn areas of the hospital.

We handed out about 60 newborn kits to mothers of babies who are still hospitalized for various reasons. They were all very appreciative of them.
(The pink gowns are some the Church donated.)