Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time passed too quickly

Our mission is at an end. In about 50 hours we'll be climbing on the airplane in Johannesburg and starting our flight home. How can such a joyful event cause such mixed feelings? We will miss so many things about this place. They say that Africa gets into your heart and it truly has in our case.
Listing a few of the things we'll miss:
*the beautiful wild life and exotic plants;
*the unexpected things that happened every day
like the stopped combies in lanes of traffic;
*the sweetness of the people and their
*other missionary couples who share a common
goal and will be friends forever;
*the beautifully harmonized singing and the energetic dancing;

*the smiles that brighten our days;
*the ward members who accepted and loved us;

*service to those in need;

*bearing testimony to golden people and seeing
the light come on in their eyes;
*and the emails from loved ones.