Thursday, September 6, 2007

bday seuss

A birthday card for Sister Mom

Here's the list we need to fix:
Bowl of Kix
Twenty licks
Brownie mix
Top 10 picks
One hundred six
2 wood ticks
Bottle of Vicks
3 lamp wicks
4 chick flicks
Shop at Clicks
Wall of bricks
At the top of the list
(and we're not playing tricks)
must be the wonderful
marvelous sweet Kristine <>!"

Did you realize that there are so many words that ryhme with (you know our name)?? It sounds a
lot like Dr. Seuss.

We went across the street to the mall and had a bowl of chicken fettuccine last
night for our anniversary, yummy.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Roaring in the night

We had a great time at the unfenced Thadaku River Camp in Madikwe Game Reserve. The price of lodging included breakfast, dinner and snacks and two game drives. Our tent was one I wouldn't mind living in. It was beautiful with polished wooden floors, indoor plumbing facilities and a deck overlooking the river. We sat on the deck and had monkeys climbing in the trees to entertain us for a couple hours. By 3:30 we were loaded on the open-air vehicle for our first ever game drive. We had our own driver and spotter who made sure we saw as many animals as possible. Ten minutes into the drive we were face to face with two male lions who had killed a eland near by and were very full and quite tired. (That night they were awake and made sure we were too, as they roared to discourage any hyiena or African dog from eating their kill. Awesome sound!!) It was dark by the time we returned to camp 4 hours later but we had seen cape buffalo, elephants, impalas, giraffes, one beautiful gemsbok, zebras, springbok, many colorful birds, one hyiena, jack rabbits and a African cat (the size of a regular house cat).
The next day we saw a sight that not too many get to see in the wild. It was a leopard sleeping in a tree with its kill 15 feet above it. It would have been great to have seen it carry the impala up to the highest branch.
The whole two days were so enjoyable...Saturday, we had to make up for the fun and spent the day at the office. Two more of our projects were approved. One is to provide clothing, shoes and garden equipment to a boys shelter and the other is to donate 1000 patient gowns and 845 sheets to the huge hospital in Soweto. We have many more in the works.
Enjoy the pictures.