Saturday, March 22, 2008

Watching for signs....

Thought it might be fun to share some signs from Africa. We are still wondering what is meant by 'Hazardous Objects', but think it has to do with all the pedestrians crossing the road!

The one that was the funniest of all was the one on the outside wall of Baragwanath Hospital about 'caring'!!
Sushi cat's initials, almost, in the first picture. Some day she may have an inspiring brand too.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brighten the corner where you are

We had so much fun in Grahamstown shopping for an organization that helps mentally challenged young people.
After graduating from high school these kids had no place to go so this organization was formed to teach them how to knit, sew and make beads. In the future they are hoping to have a facility where they can expand and teach other life skills. Enjoy their song about brightening the corners. Elder R thought they were singing in Zulu or Xhosa, when in reality they were singing in English! The Church donated many bags full of material, thread, batting, etc.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lesotho Tornado Relief

There have been so many projects that have kept us hopping lately. There was a tornado that destroyed many homes in Lesotho including the one on the right. The people have so little to begin and then to loose the roof over their heads was very hard. A make-shift shelter was built next to this crumbled house which housed seven people. The little six year old boy pictured above suffered a stroke not too long ago leaving him with paralysis in his right leg and arm and he can't speak any more. A heartbreaker for all concerned. He did have a great laugh and large smile, though.
The neighbors opened their doors to those who lost their homes and have been sheltering and feeding them since. Even some who were enemies before are now living under the same roof!
The humanitarian aid the Church donated was 2000 blankets, 1000 hygiene kits, 15 bales of bedding and some infant and children's clothing. The Church also bought 5 big tents for the Red Cross to use in such emergencies.