Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I don't know about you, but I love skype. And internet connection.
I called up the missionaries in Uganda tonight just to see if I could because they wrote an email earlier saying their internet was finally set up. YEA!!!
As we talked I took a few 'snapshots' with the skype camera.
When they showed me outside they pointed out their gardener mowing the lawn with a machete. I can't see him, but that's a pretty awesome gardener if you ask me. Doubles as security maybe?
That is the button to turn on the hot water for that bathroom. My dad was turning it on for the young elders to come over and shower since their water is off.

"Uganda is not boring." - Mom


Vickers said...

"not boring"? Neither is any message from that great missionary couple boring. We love it all.

Cara said...

Hot showers, machete-wielding groundsmen, and peanut-butter. What more can you want?

KickButtMommy said...

Yikes. Not boring at all.