Thursday, June 12, 2008


Boulders (can you guess why it is so called?), South Africa is the home of the African Penguin or are also known as the Jackass Penguin. When we first visited with JMR the little creatures stood around moulting and did nothing else. Maybe it hurts to moult or they had to concentrate to do it properly, anyway it wasn't too exciting for the tourists.
We visited again in April and the place was alive with action, sounds and plenty to keep us interested. We saw little to big baby penguins and heard why they live up to their nickname. Play the movie and you'll understand as quickly as we did. Enjoy--we did.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A time to close...

We have been so busy lately with all of our projects and have recently closed six with six more to follow. Thought we would share a few pictures from a few of them. At Lefara High School- tables, chairs, shelves and books were donated for the library and a borehole was finished so they could actually use the water. Now they have three taps where the kids can drink or wash their hands and poor in the community will be able to grow gardens on school property. Elder R stood to speak to the student body and faculty at the hand-over ceremony and I stood up next to him and put my arm around his waist, so he put his arm around my shoulder and the whole crowd of kids hooted and hollered. The show of affection in public is very rare in their society and so the reaction was understandable.
The Katha Day Care Center received mattresses, tables and chairs and lots of Family Health Supplements. The children were so cute in posing for their pictures on the new mattresses, all saying, "Cheese".
The Onyose Trust is a day care center for mentally challenged young people. Books, tables and chairs, educational games and paint were donated. The missionaries in Windhoek, Namibia helped paint the rooms and also did an underwater mural for the dining room...they didn't feel comfortable about painting the mermaid so the worker that requested it ended up painting her. The missionaries are great and love to serve!!

Pink little blessing

See how well you do in taking the quiz of "Quess who is not Seaira Kristine". Hope you are good at detecting imposters!! We are so thrilled with our new baby granddaughter that it almost hurts not to be able to hold and love her in person. What a great blessing our family has been given in this pink little new person! Glad you are here Seaira.