Friday, October 19, 2007


We have been so busy we haven't had time to write about all our doings until today!! On September 26th, we loaded up the VW van with quilts, hygiene kits and school kits and a box of bath soap to deliver to the new home purchased for the children from Ficksburg. Remember the 32 kids who lived in a shack? Well, a home was purchased by a wonderful woman from Canada and the children were to be brought 'home' on the 28th. With some money Sister Parmley gave us from her foundation (rich friends), we bought a refrigerator, a set of cooking pans and some food for the children. We unloaded everything from the van and were so excited to see the home and property that will be conducive to help the children thrive. We stopped by to see them on Saturday and they had smiles on their faces, light in their eyes and were excited to show us their rooms.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

helping hands

We have had a good week in helping a couple organizations and in having three of our projects approved by the Area Presidency. Monday, we met the truck from Baragwanath Hospital at our warehouse to give away 144 boxes of newborn kits. The maternity department staff will give them to mothers who have nothing in which to take their babies home. I received a phone call from one of the directors the next day and she was so happy and touched that there are people who are so willing to give to help others.
While at the warehouse, we loaded the Area's VW van with quilts and school kits and took them to a shelter for street boys. (The pictures are of them.) Then we took one of the workers to a clothing store where she picked out clothes and shoes to use at the shelter. Usually the boys only have the clothes on their backs when they are brought to the shelter. The church paid about $800 dollars for these items. Next, there will be a shipment of gardening equipment and seeds delivered to them so they can grow their own food and be self-sustaining.
It is so rewarding to be part of such a great work.