Thursday, April 10, 2008

Only a few days over four months to go and we are scrambling to get ten humanitarian projects closed, work on details in ten open projects and write up ten new ones. Some days our heads are spinning trying to keep up will everything. It's all very good for our aging brains to be used so much and we just can't imagine having more fun than we are right here in Africa. Everyday there is something that happens that makes us giggle and say, "Where else, than in Africa". The other day Elder R was taking pictures around the office and over at the mall across the street so they would help us to remember our experience. He walked into the grocery store, Pik and Pay, and took the picture of the bakery girl handing me some rolls. There were other workers that immediately came over and told him that it was against the rules to take pictures in their store. Upon which, the supervisor came over to see what was going on and Elder R said, "We are going home to the United States soon and we just wanted a few pictures to help us remember." So you know what's coming, don't you?? The supervisor and a bakery worker posed for another picture so we could remember them. Forget about the 'rules'!!