Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Scraps for the Orphans

Do your kids like to cut up paper? There is a lady here in St. George who makes books out of magazine scraps IE images of happy babies and kids, fresh food such as fruit, veggies, natural things (nothing like pizzas or casseroles or fast food. Basically any kind of food that has been prepared because these kids will never see these luxuries) cartoon characters, pretty scenery. Nothing commercial like cars, electronics or things of monatary value.
The finished product is bright, fun and laminated. She told me these books are sometimes the only possession these kids can call their own. So if you are hard up for something to do with the kiddies one day this summer see how they like cutting up your old magazines and then you can send them to me (sushicat) and I'll pass them on to her. She will be thrilled.


FRYBABY said...

So who are the recipients?

Terry & Kris said...

the orphans and other kids in Africa