Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The work is great!

22 May 2007 Greetings from cold So. Africa,Yes, the temperature has dropped below 0 here. That is 0 celsius, so it is still below freezing. It is very deceiving though because it is sunny and bright outside and one would think it should be warm and yet when outside the wind chills to the bone. I even have on my long-johns and they feel good!!Terry and I have been busy answering calls for blankets and hygiene kits. Now that the weather is so cold there are orphans, refugees and street people that are suffering greatly. Yesterday we gave away many of these items, tomorrow we'll be giving out more and on Thursday we'll be loading up a truck to take these things into the Lesotho mountains where there are thousands of orphans in need. We just wished that the blankets were already there...but government clearance, trucking schedules, etc. have slowed down the works.We are staying healthy and happy. The work is great! Hope everyone is well on the home front.Love to all,Kris and Terry


vickers said...

I keep forgetting that you are truly on the other side of the world...even the time of year (season) is different. Guess I won't be seeing you at Mom's B-day party this year.

FRYBABY said...

So, speaking about long-johns....in our garage we have a section just waiting for a garage sale so Tony put a tarp over it to keep the cat out. As I was looking for all of my scrap material out there I noticed under the tarp was a BYU bag and when I opened it up there were long-john garments in it, size L....are they yours, Terry?