Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lights out

We have spent some time the last two days at the warehouse and in the process have met some more wonderful people. Yesterday, Sister Parmley (her husband will be the new Area President soon) picked up some blankets and toys for a day care and orphanage, Bishop Mabunda and his brother gathered quilts for poor people in his ward boundaries and our stake president came for a wheelchair for a sister in his stake. Today we had three returned missionaries there to help us load the truck with blankets and hygiene kits for Lesotho. They had walked for an hour to be there and were very hard workers. We asked one of the missionaries how many languages he spoke...he said four! That isn't the exception, either. They are very intelligent people.The electricity went off last night at our apartment building so we stayed at the mall and went to a movie...might as well be warm and have some entertainment too! The other couples said it got very cold in their apartments so most just went to bed!well 'they' are coming in to spray the carpet with antistatic solution so we have to vacate the building.


KickButtMommy said...

You guys are doing such important work. We are so proud of you.

vickers said...

That was an learning experience for me reading about the RMs. What great spiritual strength as well as physical and mental. Love to hear stories about the Priesthood. Just when you think you are there to support "them" you find out that what you learn there you will bring home to strengthen "us".