Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Loose Your Noodle

Hello dear ones,We have been on the learning edge again this week. Last Friday I had sent out an email to three different entities in Lesotho regarding a shipment of wheelchairs. I had suggested that they get in communication with each other to determine the date, time and place for the presentation of the chairs. Well, on Monday I received a phone call from the Queen's secretary (one of the emails went to her), and she informed me that it was ONLY the queen's call as to date, time and place, the others wouldn't have any say in the matter. 'Do you understand that?' she asked me. Dah...of course I do. It only takes me once to be hit over the head before I understand!!We are hoping they remember to invite us to the event.Last night, Terry and I were put in charge of Family Home Evening for all the missionary couples and a member of our Area Presidency. It was a farewell dinner for one of our couples who will be leaving next month. We decided to have fun by having them order their items from a menu which was a 'little vague' on what the items actually were ie sticker picker, toasted igloo, hunter's special, and festival fluff. It was pretty funny to see the combinations of items go out to the different people. Included in the items were also the utensils so some people had food to eat but no civilized way to do it. One brother was eating his kernels of corn one at a time with his toothpick. Anyway they all had a good laugh and no one left hungry. We were relieved to have it over.We are still loving the work and the people and we just received word that the truck to Lesotho that we loaded last week is now in the process of being unloaded. Soon the orphans will have some blankets to stay warm through this winter.We miss you all and love you.Kris and Terry


KickButtMommy said...

Your dinner party sounds fun and delicious! I am so impressed.

vickers said...

Wow, your needs are decided upon by the Queen! I hope she invites you to the dinner, too, whatever that means. Just make sure that you get a picture for all of us Anglophiles over here.
Love you both and miss you.

Cara said...

The Queen! "Charming, simply charming."