Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving with Good Friends

Instead of a quiet day by ourselves with no incentive to cook creatively, we were blessed to have two of our favorite couples join us in Mbale for a few days over Thanksgiving. What a treat it was for us!!
The Thayns and Frosts are so nice to have around providing us with good conversation, accounts of exciting experiences like almost sliding off the mountain-side in their car and inspiring missionary encounters. These two couples may be the best missionaries in the whole mission!! They will even share the gospel with the police men that pull them over to the side of the road. Their technique is to keep the upper hand on the situation by saying, "Do you like to read? Can you read English?" and then they hand them a church pamphlet on the gospel. Distraction works well especially if the people have a love for their Savior...and most do.

Elder Frost spent the first few hours in Mbale training the Branch clerks on the use of MLS and he impressed them so much they wanted him to come back the next day (Thanksgiving), not that they had any more questions, but they just liked being around him!! The day after Thanksgiving Elder and Sister Thayn taught five of our members a 'Planning for Success' lesson and then taught the leaders their role in the PEF program. So the vacation was really a working one (not just a lot of fun and goofing off...just in case there are any out there that think missions are snap).

Here are the missionaries hard
at work, studying, working on
the computers and generally much engaged in doing good works!! Me, I was goofing off taking the pictures.

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