Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Wedding

On November 18th, 19th and 20th we were in Jinja for Zone Conference and the Jinja District Conference. Elder Renlund of the Seventy and our Africa Southeast Area President was the visiting authority with his dynamic wife. They both spoke to the missionaries on Friday and then to the members of the church from Jinja, Mbale and Busia. There were more than 500 people in attendance at the Sunday meeting. Elder Renlund was impressed with the faithfulness and quality of the people he met over this weekend and is inclined towards organizing another Stake in Uganda because of his impressions. How exciting that is!!

After the Sunday conference session we had another wedding of an Mbale couple. Mbale is still not registered with the government for us to conduct our weddings there so we have to do it where they are approved!!
Isaac and Josophine are now married and she is progressing towards baptism.

Elder R supervised the signing of the certificates while Pres. Mubbala looked on. The President did such a great job in giving counsel to the couple before he performed the ordinance. He has such a cute way of sayings things.

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vickers said...

Do you guys feel like matchmakers? Maybe your theme song should be from "Fiddler on the Roof"...matchmaker, matchmaker, bring me a match...!

Your young couple is so happy and so lovely. Good job.