Thursday, October 13, 2011

Great people

A mission has many elements to it: the country and culture, the climate, the native people, teaching and loving the message of the gospel and the people that are serving with us. Elder and Sister Barlow were the Humanitarian missionaries who have now gone home to Kaysville, but they brightened our lives whenever we were able to spend time with them. They accomplished some amazing things while here and the people of Uganda are reaping the benefits of better health, cleaner water and so much more. Here is another picture of them in a sea of children. We attended a 'hand-over' ceremony with them and were amazed how the children were just drawn to them.

Elder and Sister Sutterfield will be going home to Park City next week to rest from their hard labors of the mission field.

They were the office couple who solved the problems of the whole mission and we have appreciated them more than words can tell. Not many people would sign up to have 'headaches' every day but they were courageous and true to the end. Watch out for them on the slopes this winter.

Elder and Sister Thayn have been our friends ever since we went to Israel together in 1981. They are such kind and good people, we love to be around them. In fact, when we go to Kampala they graciously let us stay in their spare bedroom and feed us their precious yogurt and granola. He is one of the best Priesthood leadership trainers in the church as he has made a lifetime study of the principles on which the priesthood functions. This mission is blessed to have them as they serve in the PEF program, leadership training, keyboard instruction and where ever they see a need or are assigned. We want to be like them!!
The Frost's decided that they wanted a real adventure with us as they heard we were accepting a call to Uganda. They have jumped in with both feet serving in Gulu and surrounding areas, training branch leaders, teaching whole congregations of investigators, preparing people to go to the temple and are now living in Kampala so they can travel into Southern Sudan to teach the people that are hungering for the gospel there. They do a wonderful job wherever they go because they love the Lord and his work.

Elder and Sister Shipley, on the right, were diligent during their service in Jinja. They kept the place in line and well cared for. They have returned to their home in Canada to enjoy a new grand baby and the rest of their family. We will miss playing games, enjoying her cooking and his dry wit.
The couple in the middle of this last picture, the Harris', have also become dear friends. She is the mission medical adviser and you can believe her phone rings any time, day or night, with health problems which she is very capable in handling. He is a man of many trades who can fix any maintenance problem the mission throws at him. We love having them come stay with us as the doors swing better, the lights shine brighter, the desk drawer doesn't fall out anymore and they beat us at games to keep us humble.


Vickers said...

Wonderful photos of great people, and that includes Elder and Sister Rix. We are grateful for all of you.

Cara said...

It's so wonderful to read about good people doing great things in the world. You are all part of God's Army. We love you!

Grandma F said...

Hi Rix,
This is Sister Foley from Canada. It is so fun to read your blog and see what we are missing. We were disappointed we weren't able to join you in Africa but we know we are where the Lord wanted us to be. That doesn't mean we still don't get just a little envious of the great things we see you and others doing in that part of the world.
We are very excited about Miles and Heather's new baby and so glad Vicky could be there to help.

Lincoln Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

Miss you