Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Masai Village

From beautiful sunrises to strange looking bugs, the Masai Mara was an experience we will remember and treasure. You can't go to this area of the world and not go to visit the people after which it was named, the Masai. They are a nomadic people whose existence revolves around the raising of their cattle. The mainstays of their diet are: milk, meat and blood. They are a polygamous society where the women have to make their own homes out of sticks, mud and cow dung. Each home had the same floor plan...not much variety or interesting architecture for our tastes. Their village was enclosed in a thorn bush fence, the center of the community is used for corralling the cattle at night and the little calves are actually housed in the homes so they don't nurse the mothers dry before the people can get their supply of milk the next day.
Ky, our guide, was very intelligent and was able to answer all of our questions about their society and the future they have before them.

Terry, taking part, wearing the lion hat while the natives chant and dance by him. Sister Thayn's turn was next.

The women came out to greet us after the men did their chanting, dancing and jumping routine. I was so concerned with the baby that had flies all over its face I really couldn't enjoy the women's song very much. The women had their ears pierced and had many decorations hanging from them and around their necks but most of them were not very pretty.


Lincoln Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

Glad you had a great trip. Miss you already

Cara said...

It's National Geographic up close and personal for you guys. Did Terry get to keep the lion hat? That would be a definite fashion statement back in Utah!

Vickers said...

Kris, you stick out like a sore thumb with your reddish blonde hair. Talk about knowing what it is like to be in the severe minority. I now have a better appreciation for my A/C and soaking tub.

jenna marie said...

what a cool experience! I hope you brought back some of those earrings for everyone =)