Friday, August 5, 2011

Pastor Friends

It has been a privilege and blessing for us to get to know a number of pastors in Uganda. We have enjoyed our visits with them which in Mbale are usually on Mondays. We call our P-days such not as a Preparation Day but as a Pastor Day. We first met Simon and Ambrose when we stopped at Faith Radio to see about getting the Mormon Tab Choir program on their station. It turned out that they don't have good enough equipment to down load the program but we have a great friendship developing.
Ambrose, Elder Rix and Simon
The next pastor we met in Mbale actually stopped us in town as we were going into Bam to do a little shopping. He had noticed our name and he made a comment that his name was almost the same...REX. So he gave us his card and invited us to his church for the Wednesday fellowship.
Rex in the rain.

The reason we were assigned to Mbale was to befriend and teach William, the pastor of the Restored Church,....he broke off from the Reorganized Church when they started to change their doctrines and more or less discarded the Book of Mormon. It's been a slow process but he has now said he wants to be baptized and will work with his members to bring them along also.
Brother William with his granddaughter.
Then last but not least, is our friend in Busia, Silas. He is the head pastor in that area and is getting close to retiring. We met him on our first visit to Busia and have seen him almost every time we have been there. On one visit he asked us for a Book of Mormon and has been reading it...the last time we heard, he was already in the book of Helaman and was really enjoying it. You will see in the pictures his love of the scriptures by the look of his scriptures.


Cara said...

Sounds like you are making great waves there in Africa. Keep up the good work Elder and Sister Rix!

Vickers said...

I guess that we should call this the "Pastor Period" of your stay in Africa. You two have such great friendliness about you that you are the perfect couple for that area of Uganda. Proud of you both.