Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mbale Branch Organized

I know that most of the entries on this blog are way over-due but our internet service and electrical power has really given us a fit for months on end. A couple days ago we had our IT guy from Kampala here and he has worked wonders.
Anyway, on June 5th after such diligent work of all the Mbale missionaries (to the right), our church group was organized into a Branch with a new Branch Presidency (the President being a new member of only three months), an Elders Quorum Presidency, Relief Society, Primary and Sunday School Presidents and Sunday School teacher. President Jackson, the mission President, came and did all the interviewing, calling and setting-aparts and where needed, ordinations. It was an awesome day and the Branch has been growing ever since.


Vickers said...

This is a special treat for all of us. Thanks to your techie.
Congratulations on the new branch. the fruits of your labors are precious.

Cara said...

What a great looking bunch! And I'm glad that now we get to see more of what you 2 adventurers are up to on the other side of the world.