Monday, December 13, 2010

Land of the Boda Boda's

Hello from Uganda, the land of the Boda Boda's,

We took a weekend trip with Elder and Sister Thayn to Jinja to attend a CES teacher inservice meeting and to meet the members and Priesthood leaders in that area. We had so much fun with the people and we also got to eat two meals with our fingers because no utensils were provided!!

A few of the amazing things we saw were the head of the Nile, a couple dozen huge storks (with wing span of 6-7 feet), the open market with fruits and vegetables, purses, clothes, shoes and lots of people who seemed engrossed with the white people walking by, chickens being plucked and prepared for the Branch Christmas party, people catching grasshoppers around the street lights at night to take home for a snack and a million more potholes!! We stayed with Elder and Sister Harris in their home and were treated like royalty. It is remarkable how quickly we become friends with the senior couples...there is a real connection made.

We are scheduled to go to Mbale, our area of service, on Wednesday and are very excited to get there. Everyone that we mention Mbale to, says it is so beautiful and that we will really love it.
Tonight, we were stuck in traffic on our way to the mall to pick up a few more items to take with us when it seemed impossible to get across the three to four lanes of traffic to make our turn. I mouthed to the driver of a big van taxi next to us, "Would you help us get in here?" and he gave me a thumbs up signal. He then proceeded to block the traffic in each lane and allowed us in to make the turn. The people in the taxi were all smiling and we were too as we waved a thank you to them. Sure great to come across good people who are willing to help out a fellow traveler in life.

Hope you are all doing well and are happy.
Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa)


KickButtMommy said...

Each day must be such an exciting adventure for you!

Anonymous said...

Love your blogg. Just visited with Kwona. Her cold is better.