Thursday, June 12, 2008


Boulders (can you guess why it is so called?), South Africa is the home of the African Penguin or are also known as the Jackass Penguin. When we first visited with JMR the little creatures stood around moulting and did nothing else. Maybe it hurts to moult or they had to concentrate to do it properly, anyway it wasn't too exciting for the tourists.
We visited again in April and the place was alive with action, sounds and plenty to keep us interested. We saw little to big baby penguins and heard why they live up to their nickname. Play the movie and you'll understand as quickly as we did. Enjoy--we did.


Cara said...

They really do sound like they are braying. So weird.

jmr said...

hilarious! One more reason to go back to ZA, to see the penguins do more than stand around.

vickers said...

It took them a while but they finally felt comfortable around you and let their hair down...literally.