Friday, November 9, 2007

Get a Donkey or Use your Head

Here are some pictures of the food distribution in the mountains of Lesotho that the First Presidency requested be done to help the drought victims in that country. It was loads of fun to interact with the people waiting to recieve their bags of Mealie Meal, beans and a bottle of oil. Very basic food stuff that will help them until their gardens start producing. They loved having their pictures taken and laughed and laughed when we showed them what they looked like. It was probably the only time they have ever seen a picture of themselves.


Cara said...

I've always been impressed by people who can balance stuff on their head. So cool!

jmr said...

I am so impressed, your first blog! 'hiphuray!' :) miss u.

vickers said...

Life is going to be so bland for you when you return from So. Africa. Better start on your next mission papers now. Send you to upper Siberia to donate refrigerators to the snowbound.