Friday, August 3, 2007

Stereoptypes debunked

Some of you will have already recieved this: (If you want to be on the fam email list, email the missionairies at and let them know, or you'll just get them via blog)

Dear Family,Just a note to let you know we are still doing well and keeping busy. Today, we have been displaced from our desks because new carpeting is being installed around our work area. Therefore, we have been sequestered in the computer classroom is actually much quieter than our regular place. As long as we have computers to keep us connected with the world we do ok.We just found out that all the gas stations are now without gas due to a strike. We had all these great plans to go to a game park next week but on a quarter tank of gas we will be staying pretty close to home. Oh how we wish we filled up last night!!There are great benefits to living across the street from the mall....we can run over and pick up groceries and other necessities without having to drive anywhere.Hope all is well with you. We miss our wonderful family members but are confident you are being blessed for the good you do.

From an email to Ben and myself:

Kris and I led the outside tour on the Johannesburg temple square today. A haggardly, poorly dressed, and beaded man came in -- and started to talk with another couple. My judgment was here is another beggar. (There are millions of them around!) Anyway I learned another lesson. Instead of wanting money, he just wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon. He didn't want any marks in it...he wanted it pure and clean. He thanked us and said that this was the most precious gift ever!! Then as he turned to leave, while hugging his book to his chest, he had tears in his eyes, and he began to cry. And out the door he went. What will happen I do not know, but the lesson was for me today. I need to be careful about judging.

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vickers said...

Wow, Elder Rix, your experience at the Temple really testified to the power of the Book of Mormon. How wonderful it was for you to see that man and how grateful I am that you shared that experience with us. Thank you.