Friday, January 27, 2012

Fellow Citizens

Since the last blog entry the work has been going on!!
Emmanuel and his father, John, before his baptism. He was previously baptized two years ago but was never confirmed because his family had to move to a new location. He is now a full member of the Church. All things in order in our Father's kingdom. John and his family are preparing to go to the temple this year but it takes a lot of money to acquire passports and yellow fever shots for seven people. They have great faith that the Lord will help them.

Five baptized on December 31st have begun their new year with new life in the gospel. Sarah, third from the left, was a pastor of another church. She heard the message of the restored gospel and knew it was true, resigned her position and with two of her children entered the waters of baptism. Joseph and Pius were also happy to join the church.

Mama Florence, holding her baby, was baptized along with three of her children a couple months ago. In this picture, her older daughter is preparing to do the same. Florence has six children and when she was pregnant with the baby her husband walked out on them...hasn't been seen since. Their life is difficult but they have joy because they have found the true church of Jesus Christ.

We are so blessed in getting to know these good people.


GrandmaNutt said...

I am so grateful for your work. You both are an unbeatable inspiration.

Cara said...

Love to see all that white.

Gayle said...

Clydene Forbush sent me the link to your blog - we've been friends for years and years! Sounds like you're having quite an experience!

Hubby and I have good friends and neighbors who are serving in Uganda and I wondered if you might have met? Their names are Keith and Theresea Wheatley.....

Kris and Terry said...

Gayle, Haven't met the Wheatley's but will keep our eyes out for them.