Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Wilson, Joseph, Tyrel, Elly, Rebecca and Paul in the back.
Ugandans love certificates. In this picture they just received a certificate for completing a Book of Mormon class. After the Doctrine and Covenants institute class ended we decided to use the intervening weeks to teach all of the Book of Mormon. Eleven weeks later they received their certificates with their heads full of doctrines, events and personalities from that great and most correct book. Terry and I were extremely happy we survived it all. Have you ever tried to teach all of the book of Alma in one and a half hours??


Cara said...

Impressive! Did your 90 minute synopsis of Alma include all the warfare? I would have enjoyed that class and the certificate as well.

Vickers said...

If anybody can you two can. You are quite a team and all your efforts bear fruit.

Anonymous said...

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