Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mission Transfers

We recently had to say goodbye to four of our special missionaries, something we have to do each six weeks, but it is not easy. These great missionaries have a way of getting into our hearts and so we are happy for them and their new challenges and for the people they will be serving next...but for us, we will miss them!!
Elder Tyler, on the right, has served in Busia since it opened to the missionaries in June. He has been a fantastic organizer, support to the members and someone we relied on greatly. Elder Ndlela, second from the left, has the funniest laugh and he always loved it if we brought them a chicken to cook in their crock pot. They can't buy meat in Busia unless it is still on the run with feathers, etc., you get the picture. Elders Ngqoyiya and Kaseve will continue to work hard with their two new companions.
All of our missionaries become like sons to us.

Elders Ndlela and Kaseve teaching a Book of Mormon class to very attentive members.

The elders in Mbale have been very diligent in their missionary work. They desire to be obedient and bring down the blessings of heaven upon their efforts and it has paid off in many baptisms of converts. Elder Brough and Elder Musonga, the two on the right, have both been reassigned to other areas. Love these guys!!


GrandmaNutt said...

And I am sure that the young missionary elders love you two. How do you like being the parents to so many young people? They will remember you always ...and the chickens you provide for them.

Cara said...

The missionaries are lucky to have you! It must be the most amazing experience the be there serving the Lord.