Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Fun in Korea

More fun highlights of our visit with the grandkids. They are best told in PICTURES!!
First, Major Ben receiving a farewell gift from his company then having downtime with the little people in his life. He and Kwona make a very handsome couple and the children are beautiful in every way. Dillon made the comment the other day that he wanted to be a grown-up and not a kid....on further investigation he said he wanted to be a grandpa because he just gets to stay home and play. I had to explain to him that grandpa had to spend many years working before he could enjoy all the free time. He decided it was better to be a kid and not have to worry about going out and making money to take care of everyone else. His dad could tell him a thing or two about that! Enjoy.


whitey said...

What a beautiful family Ben has, you must be very proud of him. Are you spending Christmas there?

vickers said...

Cari is so grown up and so beautiful. And Dillon and Devin are quite the BIG brothers. I mostly remember Dillon like Seaira is now. You must be having heaven on earth this month. And in a few more days the Queen of Fun will be there, too. Take loads of photos cuz we love to see all of them.

JMR said...

I can't imagine Dillon as a grandpa yet, better stick to being a cool kid for now.

The Yetis said...

It's hard to believe that my kids were little like that once! Where did the time go? And I love the pics of Ben in his fatigues! What a great dad and great example to the men he was in command over! Congrats, Ben!!