Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brighten the corner where you are

We had so much fun in Grahamstown shopping for an organization that helps mentally challenged young people.
After graduating from high school these kids had no place to go so this organization was formed to teach them how to knit, sew and make beads. In the future they are hoping to have a facility where they can expand and teach other life skills. Enjoy their song about brightening the corners. Elder R thought they were singing in Zulu or Xhosa, when in reality they were singing in English! The Church donated many bags full of material, thread, batting, etc.


jmr said...

Cute women! I just watched the movie at work and had the guys all wondering what I was watching. So fun to get a glimpse of my beautiful mom! I like the title of the post too, sounds exactly like what you are doing right now.

Sioux said...

What can I say --Love the back-beat!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend and sending our love.

vickers said...

Sister to sister...I love you. I pray for both of you each day and am so grateful you could do this service at this time in your lives. May God always bless you and yours.

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