Thursday, September 6, 2007

bday seuss

A birthday card for Sister Mom

Here's the list we need to fix:
Bowl of Kix
Twenty licks
Brownie mix
Top 10 picks
One hundred six
2 wood ticks
Bottle of Vicks
3 lamp wicks
4 chick flicks
Shop at Clicks
Wall of bricks
At the top of the list
(and we're not playing tricks)
must be the wonderful
marvelous sweet Kristine <>!"

Did you realize that there are so many words that ryhme with (you know our name)?? It sounds a
lot like Dr. Seuss.

We went across the street to the mall and had a bowl of chicken fettuccine last
night for our anniversary, yummy.


KickButtMommy said...

Love that card! Who made that?

Sioux said...

This is sooo Krissy & Terry! Corny and CUTE.

vickers said...

Dare you to find any words that rhyme with my last name except for YOYO. Oh, wait a minute....BOZO. See, story of my life...idiots everywhere.

Loved your name rhyme. It was great fun.

vickers said...

Three days later and I still can't get pass the photo of that gorgeous bed in the last posting. Being kept awake all night long by the lions would be worth it in that bed.

FRYBABY said...

How 'bout Bed of Cricks (crickets, or do they have them in South Africa?) Hope you had a great birthday! Did you get some lion licks?