Friday, May 4, 2007

Swaziland letters

Ben forwarded an email he'd written to M & D to me (I think so I could read about my lack of contact, hey, I'm the one with a cell phone that can't call out of the country!) and this was attached so I'll slip it in here for more reading on Swaziland. :)

Dear Ben, Kwona and kids,
We tried to call you last night but your phone was busy!! Maybe we'll have to arrange a time when you'll be home and available. We had a great trip to Swaziland, saw some interesting things on the way and while there, like a cow being skinned on the roadside, (must have been hit by a car). We were able to meet with a number of people about some projects that are pending, like 250 wheelchairs, disaster relief, books for a library, NRT, and a career workshop. It was tough catching the Mayor of Mbabane, but he finally slowed down long enough for us to find him in his office. We set up three different times with him...third times the charm!
We were able to visit a cultural village where we were entertained with singing and dancing, and a tour around their village of grass huts. Saturday we went to the zoo in Pretoria with another missionary couple (the Elder is actually Sharon Olson's cousin). Your dad got some good pictures of the animals there. Hope school is going good for the kids. We were called yesterday by our Bishop to serve in our assigned ward. Your dad is excited because he has been asked to be the Gospel Doctrine teacher. I am looking forward to mine also because I will be in PRIMARY with the children as the music director!! Only problem is they don't have a piano so I'll have to learn how to carry a tune. The Bishop was so happy to have us say 'yes', because he says many people will go inactive if they are asked to have a calling here. Well, we love all of you and think about you everyday. Love,Mom and Dad, Grandma & Grandpa


FRYBABY said...

Come on, Kris...we all know that you are the best singer in our family! Will you sing in English or Swahili?

KickButtMommy said...

My dad knows Swahili, I could send him your way.

vickers said...

Elder R. is the new Gospel Doctrine teacher?....never saw that coming!

Cara said...

You don't have to go to Africa to see roadkill being processed, you can get that here in Virginia!

Maire said...

Interesting to know.